Real Estate Advertising Ideas

Rent a car for mobile advertising

This is a unique way to stand out in the local market. Invest in a truck with your brand on the body. Offer moving services to your customers after they buy or sell their home. The real estate agency will benefit from additional branding and advertising every time clients use your vehicle.

Get creative if no one needs moving services. Park it in those parts of the city that are characterized by the highest volumes of car and pedestrian traffic.

Answer questions from sellers and buyers on your blog

An effective way to get content ideas for a blog or real estate agency website is to identify questions that interest your target market. Top trending topics services can help you find these questions.

Add some spice to your video ads

Sending greetings to your prospects via email will most likely not generate as many leads in the sales funnel as blog posts and promotional emails do. At the same time, congratulations on well-known and public holidays can be a good way to humanize your brand.

Check out what teams from two well-known agencies have done in their videos: the first takes a typical video marketing technique and turns it on its head by talking through the camera to… well… for example, a famous person while he gets dressed. Meanwhile, the second one uses the song “Call me, call” in its advertisement (which everyone forgot a long time ago, but that’s another story) and gets its 15 minutes of fame.

Both took risks, and you should too in your marketing strategy, because these tactics often bring big profits.

In addition to outlandish videos, consider doing interviews on the street. Video topics should not be related to your business or even real estate in general. You can ask people philosophical questions, like what is the meaning of life, or ask them what they think of their local university or sports team.

Write a post or make a series of videos highlighting restaurants and entertainment

Although the price of a property, its area, design and other characteristics are important factors for a homebuyer, the presence of good restaurants and interesting places in the area is also now coming to the fore.

The Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor, and a host of other sites offer reviews and detailed information about cinemas, restaurants, and places to visit. But these portals have a problem: it can take forever for a user to simply find a well-written review or other information. This is where you, the all-knowing real estate agent, come into play.

Develop a series of blog posts and/or videos to help homebuyers interested in your market learn more about restaurants and other establishments in your home buying area.

Finding these locations shouldn’t be difficult – just think of your favorite places to watch a play or grab a bite to eat with friends. Then write down why you love these places and share your opinion with the world, like realtor Michelle Calkins does in his series of blog posts and realtor David Gonzalez in his YouTube video.

Order custom business cards

Business cards will never go out of style. You’ll always have meetings with buyers, sellers, and other industry professionals, which means it’s important to have your contacts handy to share. But a boring business card, in which the name of your company and contact details are indicated in the smallest and most strict font, cannot be remembered.

Take a chance! Order some original business cards that few have seen before. For example, take a look at these great ViralNova examples that take business card design to the next level:

Explore the best deals on creating business cards.

Try to find a print shop that can take on the most daring ideas like the one above. Agree, such a business card will make people remember you long after your meeting is over. This may seem like a small detail to be overlooked, but real estate marketing continues to evolve and become more competitive every day. Nuances, like designing a unique business card, will help to remember you.

Use Animals in Property Photos

While not everyone will be moved by a cute French Bulldog or the doppelgänger of the well-known Grumpy Cat in an apartment photo, it’s still possible that a random pet photo won’t turn buyers away—and might even hook them.

Use your puppy or cat, or borrow from friends. (Note: if you somehow convince the dog to sit in a relaxed position, as shown in the photo above, you can change your specialty and become a dog charmer).

Use stories on social networks

The key to building your brand on all social media is the ability to attract followers. Stories are a great way to grab attention and increase brand awareness.

One way to use stories is to host a giveaway or contest. Ask your followers to take screenshots of your live broadcast and send them to you. Pick a winner and give them something fun or useful (like a free guide on how to get a mortgage).

Use this method for all your social media when promoting a real estate agency.