Promotion in Internet marketing

Integrated promotion in Internet marketing

the pros and cons of this approach
There are more than enough tools for advertising on the Internet now, and their use actually comes down to putting one of two approaches into practice:

  • targeted use of one of the tools, for example, contextual advertising, and the use of the entire budget only for it;
  • combining several instruments at once in order to maximize market coverage.

Recently, more and more people are talking about the need to rely exclusively on complex Internet marketing, and use everything at once. This is partly true, but not always true. Depending on the type of project, budget, target region and a number of other factors, in each case, the effectiveness of integrated promotion will differ.

Together with the specialists of the Internet marketing agency, in this article, I decided to take a closer look at the main pros and cons of this approach.

Benefits of Integrated Internet Marketing for Business

As usual, let’s start with the positives. Especially since there are actually more of them. Below I will list the most important ones.

  1. Maximum coverage of the target audience. Some people use mostly search engines, others prefer to work with social networks, and for someone else, watching YouTube is their favorite pastime.If you use only one Internet marketing tool, you will be able to attract the attention of only a part of the target audience. Being engaged in the complex promotion of the project, you will be able to reach all users who are potentially interesting to you, no matter what platform you use.
  2. Increase brand awareness. It is logical that contact with the audience through multiple channels at once will not allow the company to go unnoticed. Especially if display advertising and content marketing are used with publications in large media. This effect works especially well in service businesses, and in the long run.
  3. Determination of the most effective channels. To understand which way to promote the site will be the most effective, you can only practice. Of course, experience allows you to make more or less accurate predictions, but reality always makes its own adjustments. By experimenting with multiple advertising channels at once and comparing their performance over time, you can identify the areas that provide the highest ROI. Then, a decision can be made on the appropriate redistribution of the budget.
  4. Rapid growth. There are online advertising channels that provide good value, but require a gradual “build-up”, such as SEO. In contextual advertising, for example, you can start a campaign literally in a day, but the cost of a click/lead is likely to be much higher. If you combine different directions within one complex, then the effect is equalized, and the business owner gets the opportunity to grow rapidly without losing profitability.
  5. Advantages over competitors. Most players in the market, regardless of niche, rarely use more than 2-3 areas of promotion on the Internet. There are also those that are limited only to SEO and contextual advertising. It is clear that using complex Internet marketing to promote your business, you will get a serious competitive advantage over them. Moreover, it can help increase market share and enter the top players in it.

Disadvantages of an integrated approach to promotion

It seems that what could be wrong with using all the tools of Internet marketing to the maximum? It turns out that this is not always helpful. And this approach has a number of disadvantages for business.

  • Higher cost. Here, in principle, everything is clear. The more Internet marketing channels you use, the more budget it will require. After all, if it is insufficient, only spraying will result and there will be no proper return for business.
    Integrated marketing is not cheap, but experienced performers can still effectively optimize it for your business opportunities.
  • Requirements for the qualification of performers. There are areas that even a beginner with a year of experience can handle without problems. But there are also those where the main condition for effective work is extensive professional experience. If we are talking about a combination of tools and directions of advertising within the framework of the complex, then the level of requirements for the professional level of performers increases significantly.
  • Not for everyone. This item can not quite be characterized as a minus, but still you need to understand that complex promotion is not suitable for everyone. If you need to cover only one city, you have a specific niche or a narrow and atypical audience, or it is concentrated within one platform, you most likely do not need complex promotion.

    Summing up

    The conclusion is simple – the complex use of Internet marketing tools to promote a business can be a powerful impetus to its development. Yes, the combination of several channels at once is not suitable for everyone, but even despite the need for higher investments, the potential effect is always worth the time and effort spent.