Promising areas of Internet marketing: in which area to start a beginner

Today to sell a product or service

business needs to influence the audience in a complex way through different marketing channels. Companies launch advertising in search engines and social networks, create useful content, bring sites to the top of Google and Yandex, write trigger mailings – they do their best to attract the attention of the client and lead him to a deal.

Thanks to the development of e-commerce, different types of Internet marketing have appeared and separate professions have been formed. So, targetologists are responsible for targeted advertising, contextologists are responsible for search advertising, and CRM marketers are responsible for the implementation of CRM strategies.

We studied the types of Internet marketing and identified the 8 most promising areas. In this article, we will analyze who is responsible for what in the modern marketing department, and most importantly, how a beginner can choose and start in a digital profession they like. We recommend free webinars in each specialty and quality courses in online schools.

contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a type of ads that are placed on the first lines in search engine results and on partner sites.

Contextual advertising is not called by chance: the user sees ads “in the context” of his interests – based on what he is looking for in the search engine and what thematic resources he visits. And the business pays for the number of clicks on the ad.

Contextual advertising is set up by a contextologist. What you need to understand in order to launch successful advertising campaigns, we will tell further.

What you need to know the specialist in contextual advertising

To create an advertising campaign, a contextologist needs an advertising platform

In order for the ad to be shown to a client who is really interested in the product, the specialist analyzes and collects relevant keywords, sets up ad display criteria: audience interests, geolocation, gender, age, etc. And to track reach and conversion

Targeted advertising

Social networks are the habitat of a modern person, so it is profitable for a business to broadcast ads in the VKontakte news feed and between TikTok videos. This type of advertisements in social networks is usually called targeted advertising, and the targetologist sets it up. Let’s take a closer look at his skills.

What a Targeting Specialist Needs to Know

Targeting is not advertising on pressing the “promote” button, but detailed settings for displaying ads, creative tests, performance analytics and campaign optimization. All this is subject to the rules and restrictions that apply on different platforms.

A targeting specialist is able to analyze a business and select the most appropriate audience for the advertised goods or services, as well as prepare creatives from the customer’s photo and video materials. He understands the algorithms of social networks and navigates advertising accounts, knows how to collect campaign analytics and create reports for the client.

How to master targeting

To understand the topic on your own, you will need a lot of time and perseverance, and the bumps stuffed in the process of self-study will cost the advertising budget.


Every day, millions of users search for information through search engines. Website owners are interested in more visitors going to their resources. Traffic from search engines is organic, you don’t have to pay for it, like for contextual advertising.

In order for the site to grow in traffic, it must occupy the first lines in the issuance of Google and Yandex for relevant queries. To do this, the pages of the site need to be properly optimized – brought into line with the requirements of search engines. An SEO specialist is responsible for this area of ​​Internet promotion. Let’s talk about his duties.

What an SEO Specialist Needs to Know

An SEO specialist understands the work of search robots and understands how a site should look like according to Yandex and Google. Its tasks include the development of the internal structure of the site and the collection of the semantic core – key queries, when entered in the search engine, web pages with relevant information will be displayed.

An SEO specialist regularly audits the resource: checks the technical aspects and usability of the site, evaluates the uniqueness of the content and the quality of external links from other platforms. He puts forward hypotheses that can increase the rating of the resource, makes changes to the site and analyzes their effectiveness.

How to master seo

There is no single recipe for how to bring a site to the top of the search engine, therefore success in the profession depends only on your perseverance and a large amount of practice behind you. You need to start studying SEO with the recommendations of search engines. Since algorithms are actively developing, you will have to constantly monitor innovations.


Not only bloggers and online stores have “registered” in social networks, but also local businesses: from cafes and bars to eyebrow and manicure masters. However, for effective promotion, it is not enough just to register a profile, upload product photos and sign prices.

An SMM specialist comes to the aid of brands. Through thoughtful content and advertising tools of social networks, he conveys the values ​​of the company to the audience and attracts customers. Let’s talk in more detail about what he is responsible for.

What an SMM Specialist Needs to Know

The main task of an SMM specialist is to increase sales and business recognition in social networks. To do this, he forms the image of the company and the tone of communication with customers, draws up a plan for publications, holds games, marathons, sweepstakes and other activities in the account, and organizes advertising integration. He independently or with the involvement of narrow specialists creates text, photo and video content, negotiates advertising with bloggers, launches targeting and interacts with subscribers.

How to master smm

The main source of knowledge about social networks is, of course, the Internet. To structure the information, outline a rough plan according to which you will delve into the specialty. Do not forget to monitor the relevance of the information, because the algorithms are constantly being improved.