Live Marketing for Online Casinos

It is easier to keep old customers than to find new ones. But more often than not, operators wait for players to leave before trying to win them back with a flood of emails and text messages. Real-time marketing, on the other hand, creates a level of personalization previously only available to VIPs, and keeps existing players interested rather than trying to bring back players who have left.

In addition to your product, there are three keys to success at an online casino or sportsbook: promotions, promotions, and promotions.

Online gambling and betting platforms need a steady stream of new players to become regulars in order to continue operating. But that brings up two questions: where are these players coming from and how do you convince them to stay?

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There is an added challenge – the marketing strategies of online casinos and bookmakers are often hampered by strict advertising regulations.

Regulators in many markets prohibit or restrict daytime radio and television gambling advertising, or have established a series of requirements that such advertising must meet. For example, ads that portray gambling as a way to get rich, link gambling to alcohol, and target minors are generally prohibited.

Instead, online platforms use other strategies to reach their audiences:

  • (SEO) improves a website’s search engine ranking.
  • SMM helps encourage dialogue with players.
  • Email marketing maintains a relationship with website visitors and notifies them of special offers.
  • SMS marketing is one of the most direct ways casinos communicate with players.
  • Affiliate marketing drives a lot of traffic by providing players with premium content and directing them to casino partners.
  • But all this only applies to the first step. In an age of personalization, another strategy is becoming increasingly important to retain players: real-time marketing.

What is real-time marketing?

Real-time marketing is an advertising strategy that targets customers with personalized and up-to-date targeting based on their needs and behavior at a specific time and place. The basic idea is to find the most suitable offer for each particular client.

Real-time marketing is often based on trends and user feedback, which is a fast and dynamic way to support your brand.

Depending on the business model, real-time marketing can take different forms.

Some brands engage with customers on social media and participate in viral trends, online retailers notify their customers that their order has shipped and allow them to track the status and contact them later to ensure customer satisfaction.

Despite its immediacy and relevance, RTM (real-time marketing) strategies don’t have to be invented on the fly. It is more effective to develop marketing campaigns in advance and launch them at the right time.

With every step of technological development, real-time marketing becomes more effective. With the advent of social media, information about audiences and their preferences has become readily available, meaning marketers can now use this data to tailor advertising strategies for products that potential customers are likely to like.
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How Do Online Casinos Use Real Time Marketing?

In the online gambling world, live marketing is basically inserted when a user starts interacting with a brand on the site.

The data collected for compliance with KYC measures can be used for personalization to make it more convenient for players. High-quality platform software will allow operators to segment users to provide a personalized experience based on their gaming history.

A quality online casino platform usually has a flexible front end. This means that once a user logs in and starts playing a game, the operator can change the look and feel of the interface to suit the user’s taste. For example, if players primarily play slot machines, they will see a list of slot machines on the home page after entering the site.

Convert new users into loyal players

Real-time marketing helps encourage new visitors to make deposits.

Bonuses and free spins can be offered to first-time visitors to the site, allowing them to try out casino games or sports betting with minimal personal risk. Offers don’t have to go through the platform: users who are registered but have not made a deposit can receive an email or text message.

Personalized Offers

Personalized discounts allow every player to experience VIP life.

Receiving personalized offers lets players know that the casino values ​​them and is reason to come back. This is the heart of real-time marketing: creating offers that players want, rather than trying to sell them something they might not be interested in.

A player’s history can tell you what type of car offer they prefer to receive. Slot players who haven’t won in a while can get a bad luck bonus, and football betting fans can get special offers that coincide with the World Cup. You can also use the player’s history of interaction with the site to see what interests them.

In addition to focusing on driving engagement, event-initiated marketing can also help with customer service. Instead of letting players use their devices if something goes wrong, send them a message about a failed deposit or offer tech support.
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Operators can use real-time marketing to attract fans of casino games to sports betting and vice versa.

To create customized notifications, operators should analyze customers’ average bets, their favorite games and other parameters. Gamblers can get bonuses in the form of multiple free spins when they deposit and start playing at online casinos, while casino players can get a 100% bonus on their first deposit at a sportsbook. Real-time marketing tools help to personalize cross-sells for each player and enable prediction of other preferences in the future.

In addition, virtual sports and even online sports are available for casino players and betting enthusiasts.Cross-selling can also be done on a more granular level. Imagine a player watching a live football game. A game he paid for. At half-time they might get an update on the odds for another football match or even a rugby match. Casino players can see offers of several rounds of free blackjack as the slot machines spin.

Live Update

Jackpots and rotating wagers are two areas where real-time marketing can come in handy. Players are notified when the jackpot reaches a certain level, allowing them to consider the ever-growing bonus and can encourage them to try this slot machine.

Gone are the days of bookmakers not taking bets at the first whistle, now in-game betting keeps players excited throughout the game. Sports betting operators can notify players of wager changes that occur during games.