Marketing areas

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another area of ​​online promotion that helps companies stay in touch with the audience. Welcome letters – after registering on the site, selling – about promotions and sales, content – with news and useful services collections, and other types of mailings are needed by businesses to increase brand confidence, retain new and return old customers.

An email marketer is responsible for email communications with the audience. Let’s talk about his tasks in more detail.

What an Email Marketer Needs to Know

The email marketing specialist determines the goal of email marketing for the business and draws up a plan to achieve it. He collects customer contacts through lead forms, landing pages and other marketing tools, segments subscribers, writes and typeset different types of letters, and personalizes content. It sets up and launches email campaigns via GetResponse, SendPulse, Mailchimp, or another service, tracks email deliverability and open rates, evaluates conversion rates, and optimizes email strategy.

How to master email marketing

To create high-quality newsletters, you will need basic knowledge in marketing and copywriting. Both the first and the second can be gleaned from the Internet and books, and then diligently hone in practice.

CRM Marketing

Customer information is conveniently collected and stored in a CRM system. Thanks to this data, the business can adapt to the requests and needs of the consumer and better cover their needs.

A CRM system is software that allows you to capture calls coming through different channels of communication with a brand and track the “customer journey” after the first contact. CRM helps improve communication with the audience through automated SMS, push and email mailings and streamline the work of sales staff, marketers and analysts.

A CRM specialist is responsible for this promising area of ​​Internet marketing. Let’s take a closer look at his job responsibilities.

What a CRM Marketing Specialist Needs to Know

A CRM marketing specialist primarily understands CRM systems, knows how to select a platform for business needs, put it into operation and train employees to work with new software. It is better to select a system depending on the needs of a particular company – read about common CRM in our article “12 Best CRM Systems for Business”.

A CRM marketer organizes the collection of personal data, then analyzes the information in the CRM system and segments the audience. Based on the data received, he develops methods of communication with different consumer segments, prepares sales scenarios, personalizes mailings and evaluates the effectiveness of the measures taken.

How to master CRM marketing

CRM marketing is a promising area, but there is no such area of Internet marketing in university programs. The future CRM specialist will have to learn the profession from books and online resources on their own or enroll in online courses.

If you are far from marketing, you need to start with its basics and gradually delve into specialization – understand CRM strategies and software. In addition, you will need to basicly master other types of Internet marketing: email, content, and messenger marketing.

In fact, knowledge from certain areas of marketing can be gleaned from Internet sources, but we cannot guarantee the depth and quality of such training. In addition, it is not easy for a novice specialist to find the first clients. Businesses do not trust their business to newcomers without a proven education and experience.

High-quality CRM marketing courses will help you avoid these problems: you will leave the online school with up-to-date knowledge and skills, a portfolio and an official document that will confirm your qualifications.

B2B marketing

Not every marketer knows how to sell a business. Although the methods and tools in b2b are similar to b2c marketing (“business to customer”), there are significant differences in the strategies for promoting goods and services. So, businesses need to build longer-term communication with companies than with b2c clients, in advertising products or services, focus on expertise rather than creativity, and take into account a longer transaction cycle.

What a b2b marketer needs to know

A b2b specialist understands the basics of marketing and owns various digital tools: from creating content for a company blog and launching advertising on social networks to implementing CRM systems. All this is focused on the interests and needs of the b2b buyer.

A B2B marketer attracts and segments an audience through various advertising channels, personalizes a commercial offer for a client and builds communication with representatives of the client company. He develops comprehensive digital promotion strategies, analyzes the measures taken and automates business processes.

A specialist cannot do without basic training in Internet marketing. If you are a beginner, start with the basics of Internet promotion, and then, if necessary, you can narrow down to b2b.

How to master b2b marketing

B2B marketing is a topic for experienced professionals: entrepreneurs, managers and marketers who are engaged in the promotion of goods or services in the business-to-business segment. There is little structured and applied information about this area of marketing on the Internet.


The development of e-commerce has given rise to various areas of Internet marketing and new professions. You can specialize in website seo optimization, company social media management, CRM or b2b marketing, email marketing, or content strategies. But no matter what direction you choose, first of all you have to learn the basics of digital marketing.